Our world is changing rapidly right before our eyes.
What is to be made of it all? What can we believe in?
What can we trust?

I am Nino Despota, top chef of the creative digital universe. Please join me in my digital kitchen where my pots & pans are simmering with the aroma of digital and conceptual solutions. Recipes evolve easily. Allow me to share some with you. Mmmmmmm, what’s that smell?

I have earned a degree, gained life experiences and I am a life long self-learner, unafraid to try new recipes. I have worn many hats from concept development to production in both traditional and digital media. I have worked for large agencies and smaller boutiques. I have worked on national, regional and local accounts. I have also worked in a creative capacity with IT departments. Check out a sample of my work.

Professionally, I believe one must understand the big picture, the entire kitchen, every drawer and utensil in order to craft the message.

Personally & professionally I can't help it. I am just a witty and fun loving creative. I am so lucky to be showered with the gift and the passion to create.


Over 10+ years experience in advertising, design and promotional marketing.

Knowledge and use of graphics software and technology. Traditional
hand skills.

Projects from concept, execution and production through press checks and delivery dates.

Decisive executions that maximize results and minimize costs. Trustworthy, highly principled work ethic.

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, ImageReady, Flash, Dreamweaver,
Quark, FlightCheck.

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